This repair order and service agreement is between you and ANDROID HAWAII AND OR MICHAEL NALE AKA MJ NALE DBA ANDROID HAWAII  cell phone repair at CENTURY CENTER 1750 KALAKAUA AVE HONOLULU HAWAII 96826, USA. This service agreement is valid even when not signed. No promises or guarantees were made to me regarding my repair. All orders are processed the same day or within 24-72 hours after. In some cases we may not be able to get your part and you will be given a refund. If you have any questions call 808-724-0721 between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday - Friday, excluding federal and state holidays. ANDROID HAWAII IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH CENTURY CENTER OR HAWAIIANA MANAGEMENT.


You are agreeing that we are not liable for the following and that you assume all risks to loss or damage to any equipment and or device that you leave at our repair shop for the purpose of repair and or data recovery. We maintain strict control practices when you check in a device at our repair shop to minimize any chance of loss, theft or damage. If you have any questions or concerns please ask your technician.


  • We will not proceed with your repair unless we have given you an estimate and you agreed to the price for the service including any parts, labor, and a completion time for the repair. In some cases your repair may not be completed on time due to unforseen circumstances beyond our control. We will call you if a delay may occur.

  • You agree we will not be held responsible for any situation that happens to you because you did not have your smartphone. Including but not limited to, any lost time or wages at work, or important meetings, crimes against you or any other unfortunate circumstances that may come up unexpected or not. 

  • We video record our repairs for your protection and ours. Please test out your device before you leave. If this is after hours please call us before you leave and a tech will come down and assist you. We are not responsible for lost SIM CARDS, CASES, OR SD CARDS. We ask that you remove them prior to bringing in your device for repair.

  • You have the right to cancel your repair or service at any time. 15% Restocking fees apply in the event you cancel before your repair if you paid for a special order online. 

  • We do not copy, transfer, or view your personal notes, numbers, pictures, videos, or other  data on your device without your permission. We may during the repair have to test out certain functions or the device to make sure it is fixed. These diagnostics are for testing your phone and nothing else. Please contact us if you have any special requests or concerns, sensitive pictures or cryptocurrency data, private keys that you would like us to isolate from anyone seeing or accessing during your repair. 

  • We will not factory reset your phone or other device without your consent.

  • We cannot fix everything despite our training and expertise there are times when repair does not work, or there is more damage revealed after our initial inspection which may change the price, service, and completion date or not.

  • We will provide you an interpreter if you request one. Please give us a 24 hour notice if you require one. 

  • You are not required to do any reviews online but we may ask you to do one after the repair as this helps the public make a decision if we are right for them

If you have a complaint or issue that needs to be addressed please MJ Nale at androidhawaii@gmail.com or call 808-724-0721 . 

  • We do not allow customers or the general public into our repair shop because we provide data recovery and tech services that require inventory control, and procedures that protect your devices and data. Since the pandemic we also want to protect your health and safety and well as ours. 

  • Copies of this document are available at androidhawaii.org in the about section and at facebook.com/androidhawaii. We review and update our service agreement annually.

We reserve the right to refuse repairs, unlocks, and any service we provide at anytime without cause. 

  • If you are bringing a smartphone in for unlocking, google account removal, icloud removal, and or network unlock we do not and will not provide you any services if the that device is not yours, is stolen, or your ex boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife...ect

  • If you are with law enforcement and you require assistance please email your request to business@androidhawaii.org


REVISED 01/15/2020

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